When will my item ship or be ready?

Orders will be ready to ship or be picked up within 2 to 4 business days.

How is my order shipped?

I ship all orders via USPS. 

Where is the pickup location?

For Denver metro residents, you may want to skip the shipping charge and time and just come pick up your order. Not a problem! The pickup location is around Federal and Speer and you will receive more detailed instructions when you place your order.

How should I wash my masks?

I have been washing them in the washer with my normal laundry and letting them air dry overnight, but they are perfectly safe in the drier as well. Since the masks are cotton, they will need pressed to get them looking as crisp as when they arrived, but I tend to just wear mine a little wrinkly. If you purchased a dyed mask - please wash it with other dark colors the first time as there may be a small amount of remaining dye. 

Will my mask shrink?

All the material has been thoroughly washed with hot water and is very unlikely to shrink. 

Do I need to remove the nose piece prior to washing?

The nose piece is made from aluminum and will not rust or become damaged with washing, however, it may become loose during washing and damage your washing machine! Leaving the nose piece in during washing may also wear out the fabric more quickly around the metal.  

Will this mask fit my face?

My initial testers were individuals with large noses and heads, so the mask is designed to accommodate those features. The edge of the mask will land about two inches from your ears and will extend all the way down to your neck. The tie designed to go around the crown of the head is longer than the tie around the neck and fits heads up to 23 inch circumference. If the ties are too long, they can easily be cut and re-knotted to fit your head better. I have used the ties to loop around the ears when a hat is being worn, but it is much more comfortable to tie around the head. 

What are the masks made out of?

The face of the mask is a woven cotton material, however, the ties have been made out of poly/cotton mixes or cotton. I have largely been using scraps of repurposed material from friends and family to create the ties, so there have been a lot of different patterns and normally, once a tie pattern is gone, it's gone forever!


What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of the masks and what they are used for we cannot accept returns.